Torsten Fassbender – VOID EP

Torsten Fassbender –  VOID EP

Label: Platipus Records

Release date: 16.04.19

Catalog number: PLATMU103

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Torsten Fassbender – Void EP [Platipus Records]

1. Torsten Fassbender – Void
2. Torsten Fassbender – The System
2. Torsten Fassbender – Sculptures in F minor

After Berlin-based Torsten Fassbender’s brilliant debut solo release ‘Skuchayu’ / ‘Luna’ reached #6 in the Beatport Progressive Top 100 Chart in February, the pressure was on to deliver a laudable follow-up, and without doubt, Torsten doesn’t disappoint.

‘Void’ represents all that constitutes the cream of Progressive House in 2019. Every detail of the carefully considered soundscape has been crafted as only the purest sound designer would attest to, whilst retaining that all too crucial sense of depth and space.

More often than not, the litmus test for any great production is to crank it up on a quality system, and if every sound chimes through loud and clear resulting in complete aural nirvana, then mission accomplished. ‘The System’ is a prime example of this.

‘Sculptures in F minor’ provides a window into the depth of understanding required to carefully balance the use of both classically inspired melodic content with the more abstract and atonal elements in a track, whilst retaining the grassroots credibility required when unveiled in any underground environment, an achievement that so many productions have previously failed to reach. Torsten’s 35 years as an accomplished DJ and composer ensure all three tracks on offer here successfully negotiate this treacherous path.

Beatport Exclusive: 15.4.19 Global Release: 29.4.19