Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio – Pukwudgie

Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio – Pukwudgie

Label: Platipus Records

Release date: 23.07.18

Catalog number: PLATMU099

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Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio – Pukwudgie

1. Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio – Pukwudgie (Original Mix)
2. Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio – Pukwudgie (Gai Barone Remix)
3. Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio – Pukwudgie (Barry Jamieson’s Mono Electric Orchestra Remix)

Across the global spectrum of electronic music, two names need no introduction… Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio, progressive, innovative creators for nearly three decades. They return with another breathtaking, visionary template.

Following their collaborative debut ‘Oblivion’ on Digweed’s Bedrock last October, the duo have consequently shelled us with deep, immersive late night delights. First, they encouraged us to ‘Wake Up’ on Yousef’s Circus Recordings, then they joined forces with the Bedrock boss and Nick Muir and we were all transfixed by the ‘Close Your Eyes’ project, (a release which hit number one in the Beatport Progressive Chart and is still climbing the Beatport Techno Chart). Now they present another sense-startling slice… this time on one of the most iconic UK electronic indies of all time, Platipus, and they’re rolling deep in esteemed remix company.

Entitled ‘Pukwudgie’, once again it’s oceanic in its sense of depth and scale. Rippling, warm, full of surprises, just on the right side of trippy and hypnotic and ultimately timeless, ‘Pukwudgie’ captivates, and is as rich as the folklore that inspired the title. The same can be said for the remixes; Italian stallion Gai Barone tessellates the patterns with an epic nine minute odyssey that’s drenched in a soaking wet bassline and offers more twists than a plate of spaghetti while Barry Jamieson dives to even deeper depths with a ten minute opus that breaks down into the realms of delicate classic piano before gradually building up again. His years behind the scenes working with Sasha and Charlie May shining through his deft grasp of restraint and subtlety, he brings this pivotal release to a fitting and poignant end. Time to spread the word.