Martin Merkel – BiPolar/Parthenon

Martin Merkel – BiPolar/Parthenon

Label: Platipus Records

Release date: 2018-04-02

Catalog number: PLATMU098

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Martin Merkel – BiPolar / Parthenon out now on Platipus Records [2 week Beatport exclusive]

Martin Merkel – BiPolar / Parthenon [Platipus Records]
1. Martin Merkel – BiPolar [Club Mix)
2. Martin Merkel – Parthenon
3. Martin Merkel – BiPolar

Following his highly acclaimed album Constantin, Martin unleashes his inner BiPolar; a brooding deep, melodic techno excursion that expertly manages to float effortlessly into the ether whilst delivering on ground level with focus and purpose.

Parthenon, meanwhile, is one of the many stand-out tracks taken from his excellent Constantin album, which was inspired from the heart after the recent birth of his son, Constantin. Parthenon soars delicately through the air and then drops like thunder.

Beatport Exclusive: 2.4.18 / Global release: 16.4.18