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Platipus Archive 10

20 Remastered Classics featuring: Dino Lenny, Glen Morrison, Airwave, Clanger, Richard Durand, Union Jack, Narcotik, Hemstock & Jennings, Chab, POB, Terra Ferma, Moogwai, Art Of Trance, Dawnseekers, Altitude, Granny, Mark Brogden and Classified Project.

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Union Jack Retro Podcast for mixed by Union Jack

Available as free download here:

1. Union Jack ‘Lollipop Man’
2. Simple Minds ‘Waterfront’ [Union Jack Remix]
3. Union Jack ‘Cactus’
5. Poltergeist ‘Vicious Circles’ [Union Jack Remix]
6. Union Jack ‘Red Herring’
7. Union Jack ‘Cockroach’
8. Union Jack ‘Two Full Moons & A Trout’
9. Union Jack ‘Water Drums’

Most tracks taken from Union Jack’s first album ‘There Will Be No Armageddon’

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ON3 – Plateaux EP

ON3 – Plateaux EP [Released 6.10.14]

1. ON3 ‘Plateaux’
2. ON3 ‘Ridgeback’
3. ON3 ‘Gnome’
4. ON3 ‘Splinter’
5. ON3 ‘Zero Mass’

Acid Extravaganza and debut release on Platipus from Israeli producer Samuel Wallerstein aka Black & White.

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Chromium – ‘Chrome’


Chromium – ‘Chrome’ [Released 1.9.14]

1. Chromium ‘Chrome’ Remastered Original Mix
2. Chromium ‘Chrome’ Remastered Terra Ferma Remix
3. Chromium ‘Chrome’ Remastered Ocean Wave Mix

Following on from Narcotik ‘Blue’, this is the second instalment of remastered classics from Australian duo Gab Oliver and C.J. Dolan.

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