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Platipus Archive 9

PlatipusArchive-bird-9.2-2800 copy
20 Remastered Classics featuring: Dino Lenny, Ferry Corsten, LOUD, Airwave, Union Jack, Quillroader, Domestic, POB, Terra Ferma, Narcotik, AMbassador, Art Of Trance, Granny, Indiana, Taylor, Catalyst, Conscious, Patrick Reid and Chromium.

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Art Of Trance ‘Before The Storm’

Art Of Trance ‘Before The Storm’  [PLATMU91]

1. Art Of Trance ‘Before The Storm’ (Original Mix)
1. Art Of Trance ‘Before The Storm’ (Gai Barone Remix)
1. Art Of Trance ‘Before The Storm’ (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)

Another fine atmospheric piece of craftsmanship from Simon Berry’s solo venture following on from ‘Humans’ in 2014.

Italy’s Gai Barone has has rightfully earned his place leading figures in the progressive house and trance scene and delivers one of his best remixes to date.

French born Rick Pier O’Neil, who now resides in Mexico delivers an equally blistering mix.

Art Of Trance ‘Before The Storm’  is available on 13th July 2015 on Platipus Records.

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Neo & Farina ‘Alba Rossa’ (Remastered)

Neo & Farina ‘Alba Rossa’ (Remastered) OUT NOW on Platipus Records

1. Neo & Farina ‘Alba Rossa’ (Original) [Remastered]
2. Neo & Farina ‘Alba Rossa’ (Mike Shiver Remix) [Remastered]
3. Neo & Farina ‘Alba Rossa’ (Instramental) [Remastered]
4. Neo & Farina ‘Alba Rossa’ (Mesh Remix) [Remastered]

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Union Jack - Gibbon

This 2 track single is the first release by Union Jack in 3 years since their highly acclaimed ‘Pylon Pigs’ album.

Gibbon: Tropical soundscapes provide a backdrop for this 3-time bass groover. Hand-woven psy-elements include Oscar harmonics laced with frog chorus and monkey juice.

Baboon: A gnarly reverse baseline driven sparse excursion blended with dark yet optimistic arpeggios offering light at the end of the tunnel.

Available 5th November 2012 on Platipus

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