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Art Of Trance ‘Firebird’

Art Of Trance – ‘Firebird’ (Platipus Records)

After recent success with ‘Ultrafoxx’ and ‘Before The Storm’, Simon Berry unleashes ‘Firebird’.

Remixes from Peter Dundov, Gai Barone and Jonno Brien.

PLATMU94 Platipus Records

Global Release: 21/11/2016

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Platipus Archive 10

20 Remastered Classics featuring: Dino Lenny, Glen Morrison, Airwave, Clanger, Richard Durand, Union Jack, Narcotik, Hemstock & Jennings, Chab, POB, Terra Ferma, Moogwai, Art Of Trance, Dawnseekers, Altitude, Granny, Mark Brogden and Classified Project.

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Art Of Trance ‘Ultrafoxx’


Art Of Trance​ ‘Ultrafoxx’ OUT NOW on Platipus Records​.

After recent success with ‘Octopus ’15 Remixes’ and ‘Before The Storm’, Art Of Trance returns once more with ‘Ultrafoxx’.

With unflinching purpose and a steely harmonic backbone, ‘Ultrafoxx’ lurks menacingly in the shadows of an urban void.

Remixes from Airwave​, Monojoke , and a sumptuous double helping from man of the moment Gai Barone.

PLATMU93 Platipus Records
Two week Exclusive via Beatport: 22/02/2016
Global Release: 07/03/2016











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Art Of Trance ‘Octopus’: The 2015 Remixes


Art Of Trance ‘Octopus’ The 2015 Remixes: OUT NOW on Platipus Records

Mixes by Gai Barone Perfect Stranger, Rick Pier O Neil Aka RPO, Matt Holliday Official and Remastered Original mix.
Available on Beatport (2 week exclusive)

1. Art Of Trance ‘Octopus’ (Gai Barone’s Gallery Remix)
2. Art Of Trance ‘Octopus’ (Perfect Stranger Remix)
3. Art Of Trance ‘Octopus’ (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix)
4. Art Of Trance ‘Octopus’ (Matt Holliday Remix)
5. Art Of Trance ‘Octopus’ (Gai Barone’s Smileodontic Remix)
6. Art Of Trance ‘Octopus’ (Original Mix Remastered)

Originally released back in ’95, ‘Octopus’ is one of Simon Berry’s strongest Art Of Trance releases to date. Later that year, it was remixed by R&S artist Capricorn (of 20Hz fame) and Man With No Name, so it seemed that after 20 years new remixes were surely justified.

Italy’s fast rising star Gai Barone has delivered quite possibly the finest remix he’s ever done with his Gallery Remix. Not only that, he decided to do a second remix for good measure.

Israel’s Yuli from Perfect Stranger serves up a very solid mix which stays closer to the original.
Frenchman, Rick Pier O’Neil returns with another sublime slice of sunrise.

Englishman, Matt Holliday offers a spacious and textured soundscape for his interpretation and is followed by a remastered version of the original.

Art Of Trance ‘Octopus – The 2015 Remixes’ is available on 30th November 2015 on Platipus Records exclusively from Beatport and from 14th Dec on all other portals.…/octopus-the-2015-remixes/1662720

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