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Platipus Archive 8

20 Remastered Classics featuring Paul Oakenfold’s cover of Madagascar by Art Of Trance and other productions by Guy J, Carl Cox, Telefon Tel Aviv, Union Jack, Dino Lenny, POB, Narcotik, John Johnson, Domestic, Neo & Farina, Catalyst, Pixel, Dawnseekers, Kansai, Steve Gibbs, Chromium, JD Davis, Voronsov & Dohorov.

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Catalyst ‘The Chamber’ / ‘Seahorse’


Catalyst ‘The Chamber’ OUT NOW on Platipus Records

1. ‘The Chamber’ (Movements One to Three) [Remastered]
2. ‘Seahorse’

Catalyst is the solo project of London based Mark Brogden who is the younger brother of Paul Brogden (POB / Union Jack).Conceived over 22 years ago, ‘The Chamber’ was originally released in ’93 on Colin Faver’s influential label Rabbit City (early Aphex Twin / Spiral Tribe etc), after it was performed at the legendary Knowledge night at SW1 Club in London and featured on a mix tape by Sven Vath.
The Chamber is an evocation of an incredible journey that takes the mind through wonderful realms of science fiction, glimpsing on possibilities presented by advanced extra-terrestrial forms. Strong orchestration, fine control of synthesised sounds, intense arpeggios and pacy rhythms propel the listener forward through the three interconnecting movements and their internal passages. Experience the whole journey in this 21 minute electronic masterpiece.
Seahorse: [Brand new track] Brush through the shallow warm tropical waters, air pockets bubbling up from the seabed and underwater plant-life gently sway. The expanse opens up and the seahorse is revealed in all it’s enigmatic glory.

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PLATIPUS ‪#‎BEATPORTDECADE‬ TRANCE Out now.…/platipus-pound-beatportd…/1373016#

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Union Jack - Gibbon

This 2 track single is the first release by Union Jack in 3 years since their highly acclaimed ‘Pylon Pigs’ album.

Gibbon: Tropical soundscapes provide a backdrop for this 3-time bass groover. Hand-woven psy-elements include Oscar harmonics laced with frog chorus and monkey juice.

Baboon: A gnarly reverse baseline driven sparse excursion blended with dark yet optimistic arpeggios offering light at the end of the tunnel.

Available 5th November 2012 on Platipus

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