“The POB sound is very unique, atmospheric and moody, dark yet still emotional. Paul`s music connects with your ears, your mind and your feet…making tracks with soul”
John Digweed, July 2001

“As far as I’m concerned, if a track gives me goose bumps or has a floor moving groove then it’s passed the Seismic test. Originality is also very important, what’s the point in copying a successful tune just to try and make money – I don’t think any truly great records are made that way and it certainly doesn’t advance the scene. There’s way too much snobbery now on the dance scene where each style is strictly defined – good music is good music and should be judged on it’s merits alone”
Paul Brogden (POB)

Musically, Paul has built himself a strong following for his solo work as POB, with classics such as “The Essence”, “Strata” and “Boiler / Beast”.

He’s worked with DJ Patrick Reid on the single “Bluebottle / Fly”, which was a big favourite with both Sasha and John Digweed – Sasha using the track “Fly” on his Global Underground – Ibiza compilation and John Digweed choosing “Bluebottle” to play in the dance culture movie “Groove”. His more recent work “Waah!” was snapped up by Sasha and Digweed for their “Communication” album before the single was even pressed!

Paul has also collaborated with DJ Taylor from L.A. on a track called “Baba” (on Distinctive Records and included on the Renaissance compilation mixed by Anthony Pappa) and ‘Today’ featuring the vocals of Louise De Fraine

Remix highlights include the Raze anthem “Break For Love”, Sasha’s “Magic”, Slacker’s “Scared” and Bedrock’s “Heaven Scent”. He’s also worked with Claudio Giussani (Urban Shakedown) as “Granny” (check out the Granny remix of Anomaly – “Calling Your Name”) and with Simon Berry as Clanger (the team responsible for the quirky “Seadog”).

Paul’s debut solo album ‘Essence’ as POB was released in late Jan 2002. The album highlights Paul’s distinctive touch of genius, with collaborations from Art Of Trance, Boyd Westerman, Patrick Reid, Justin Murray and Taylor.
The album featured the singles “Luna”, (POB and Florida’s DJ Boyd Westerman collaborate with vocals from Louise De Fraine) and ‘Today’ (POB and Taylor back with more lush vocals from Louise De Fraine).
POB and Taylor join forces again for their most recent collaboration, ‘Aura’. A track that started life in Taylor’s LA studio and was completed in Seismic studio London. Aura is an epic emotional and floor shaking work…….