Patrick Reid

Patrick Reid


After cutting his teeth while DJing at fashion parties in Milan, Patrick Reid ventured into production with I-Ching and ‘Russian Dolls’ (Green Records) His taste for music was heightened when John Digweed personally requested 2 copies of the track. The pair also released ‘Soulstorm’ which Nalin and Kane licensed for their compilation on BMG.

After these two successes he managed to work with his hero and Platipus stalwart POB by making the legendary “Fly/Bluebottle” (Platipus) This made a splash when Sasha signed it to his Global Underground ‘Ibiza’ compilation, then Digweed chose it to play it as the final track in the movie ‘Groove’. Not content with this he and POB collaborated on more music – moody prog-houser ‘Ze Boof’ and the uplifting ‘Big Picture’. This last track is featured on the Pob album ‘Essence’.

It was only a matter of time before Patrick released a solo record – which was applauded and respected by the usual suspects in the dance family. “Goose/Splat” was on heavy rotation by Graham Gold on Kiss, while John Digweed hammered it at Bedrock for months. As a result, Danny Tenaglia picked up on it and subsequently included it on his Global Underground ‘London’ compilation.