Torsten Fassbender – VOID EP

Torsten Fassbender – Void EP [Platipus Records]

1. Torsten Fassbender – Void
2. Torsten Fassbender – The System
2. Torsten Fassbender – Sculptures in F minor

After Berlin-based Torsten Fassbender’s brilliant debut solo release ‘Skuchayu’ / ‘Luna’ reached #6 in the Beatport Progressive Top 100 Chart in February, the pressure was on to deliver a laudable follow-up, and without doubt, Torsten doesn’t disappoint.

‘Void’ represents all that constitutes the cream of Progressive House in 2019. Every detail of the carefully considered soundscape has been crafted as only the purest sound designer would attest to, whilst retaining that all too crucial sense of depth and space.

More often than not, the litmus test for any great production is to crank it up on a quality system, and if every sound chimes through loud and clear resulting in complete aural nirvana, then mission accomplished. ‘The System’ is a prime example of this.

‘Sculptures in F minor’ provides a window into the depth of understanding required to carefully balance the use of both classically inspired melodic content with the more abstract and atonal elements in a track, whilst retaining the grassroots credibility required when unveiled in any underground environment, an achievement that so many productions have previously failed to reach. Torsten’s 35 years as an accomplished DJ and composer ensure all three tracks on offer here successfully negotiate this treacherous path.

Beatport Exclusive: 15.4.19 Global Release: 29.4.19

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Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio – Believe

Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio – Believe

1. Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio – Believe (Original Mix)
2. Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio – Believe (Torsten Fassbender Remix)

Across the global spectrum of electronic music, two names need no introduction… Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio, innovative, progressive creators for nearly three decades. The pair were recently voted third in ‘World’s Best Progressive House Producer 2019’ via a public poll on Change Underground.

Following on from the huge success of ‘Close Your Eyes’ (#1 Beatport Progressive Chart), and ‘I Hear This’ (#2 Beatport Progressive Chart) on Bedrock, Simon and Luke return with another breathtaking, visionary template.

A brooding techno backdrop and an apocalyptic drone in the original mix set the tone for a menacing synth riff, propulsive bassine and emphatic ’Believe’ mantra. Weightless analogue sequences are ingeniously interlaced into the troposphere to elevate the trajectory to another magnitude.

Torsten Fassbender was the mandatory choice for remix duties after his debut solo outing on Platipus ‘Skuchaya’/‘Luna’ reached a respectable #6 in the Beatport Progressive Chart. Instantly engrossing, Torsten gently lures in any unsuspecting participants with his feathery narcotic tentacles, only to unleash a spiralling cocktail of audio-venom.

Global release: 1.4.19
Beatport Exclusive: 18.3.19

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Torsten Fassbender


Berlin-based Torsten Fassbender aka Wellenrausch / Kymatik has been creating music for over 35 years, producing and remixing for luminaries such as Markus Schulz, Gai Barone, Basil O’Glue, The Thrillseekers, Andy Moor and Blank & Jones to name but a few. Torsten is also a highly respected sound designer for audio titans Waves Audio and Native Instruments. After Torsten’s brilliant debut solo release ‘Skuchayu’ / ‘Luna’ reached #6 in the Beatport Progressive Top 100 Chart in February 2019, the pressure was on to deliver a laudable follow-up, and without doubt, Torsten doesn’t disappoint with his forthcoming Void EP on Platipus Records.

The beginning

Torsten Fassbender was born in 1970 in Velbert, a small provincial German town. He first started using computers at the age of 12. Thanks to his parents, he had the chance to learn how to play the guitar and the piano. Due to his playful approach to the world of music and electronics, he soon discovered his love and passion for electronic music. His favourite artists at that time were Kraftwerk, Jean Michael Jarre and Vangelis, but also inspired my computer musicians like Yazz, JCH, Drax, Joeren Tel, Maniacs of Noise, Jochem Hippel and lots more.

Several years later, he was introduced to a program called Soundtracker on the Commodore Amiga and was instantly hooked. This program, created by Karsten Obarski, gave him the tools he needed to start creating his own music using a computer. From 1984 until 1998, he composed and arranged many soundtracks and in-game-effects for various games. Encouraged by this line of work, Torsten began to build his own home-studio and was eventually introduced to the possibilities of MIDI. Finally, he had the means to realise his musical ideas the way he wanted them to be.
When Torsten heard one of the first techno songs at a party in Belgium, he knew this was the style he had always been looking for. He consequently expanded his equipment and worked on his first tracks driven completely by MIDI synthesizers. His first releases followed in 1994 with different labels all across Europe. In 2000 he founded his latest project, Wellenrausch, which rapidly became popular in the progressive trance scene.

Life as a musician

Torsten’s productions and remixes for artists such as Markus Schulz, Gai Barone, Basil O’Glue, The Thrillseekers, Andy Moor and Blank & Jones, to name but few, are present on a number of compilations and almost every top DJ in the world includes his tracks in their playlists. He worked with a huge amount of different labels, such as Afterglow Records, Slideways Music, Vandit Records, BMG, Suffussed Music, Balkan Connection, and the label history does not end there. In 2005 he got the offer from high nominated audio Software titan Waves Audio to write a Production Book for their Openmix(TM) Series. This book, The Trance Experience, received great reviews from M8 Magazine (UK), I-Dance (UK), iDJ Mag (UK), Mixmag (UK), Keyboards (France), Coda Magazine (France), Only for Djs (France) and After this success as Tutor and Author he focussed again on his musical carreer. In 2009 he re-ignited Wellenrausch, together with the Austrian singer and songwriter Markus Geisberger. They formed their special unique sound signature and were touring successful through whole Europe. They released two albums and were supported by some of the biggest names of Music industry. In 2014 he started a side-project called Kymatik, a more experimental side of him which let him show his love for multiple facets of underground music. 2019 represents a fresh direction for Torsten and consequently is set to release his debut single under his his own name on the revered Platipus Imprint, which has been a dream of his for years.

Life as a SoundDesigner

As sound design was always his passion, and of course a big part of his day-by-day studio work he stepped into the professional sound design work. He made sounds for the Native Instruments FORM synthesizer, made official audio demos for FORM and Kinetic Toys. Torsten’s most recent sound design venture is his highly acclaimed Native Instruments Maschine Expansion ‘Deep Matter’ as well as the forthcoming MassiveX Synth.

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