Union Jack – Spasm

Union Jack – Spasm : Released 19th May 2014 on Platipus

1. Union Jack – Spasm – Original Mix
2. Union Jack – Spasm – Union Jack’s Beta Blocker Mix

Neuro-percussion floods the frontal lobes. Pulsing low frequency oscillations bounce from a backdrop of adrenal drones and involuntary pulses from the twitching Oberheim.  Outer-body chords float above the hospital bed. The choice is yours.

Now close the door. turn off the lights, and spark up the Beta Blocker Mix.  Syncopated neuro-percussion sweep the primary cortex. Dopamine tunnels channel the drones and the Oberheim delivers further involuntary muscle convulsions. Flickering outer-body chords float above the hospital bed once more. See the light.

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