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Chromium – ‘Chrome’


Chromium – ‘Chrome’ [Released 1.9.14]

1. Chromium ‘Chrome’ Remastered Original Mix
2. Chromium ‘Chrome’ Remastered Terra Ferma Remix
3. Chromium ‘Chrome’ Remastered Ocean Wave Mix

Following on from Narcotik ‘Blue’, this is the second instalment of remastered classics from Australian duo Gab Oliver and C.J. Dolan.

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Narcotik – ‘Blue’ / ‘Twelve Miles’


Narcotik – ‘Blue’ / ‘Twelve Miles’ [Released 11.8.14]

1. Narcotik ‘Blue’ [Remastered]
2. Narcotik ’Twelve Miles’ [Remastered]

It’s rare to find tracks made 16 years ago still sounding as fresh today. This AA sider and Progressive classic from ’98 is no exception.
Produced by Australians Gab Oliver and C.J. Dolan (remember Quench ‘Dreams’?’), both tracks were caned by the likes of Sasha, Digweed, Anthony Pappa and Oakenfold and ‘Blue’ originally appeared on Sasha’s legendary Global Underground San Francisco compilation.

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20 Remastered Classics featuring Hybrid, Moogwai, Union Jack, Filterheadz, Art Of Trance, Albion, Chab, Airwave, POB, Taylor, JD Davis, Clanger, Rouge, Star, Greg Murray and Conscious.

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Humans-7 copy
1. Art Of Trance ‘Humans’ (Original Mix)
2. Art Of Trance ‘Humans’ (Perfect Stranger Remix)

The third release in 2014 from Simon Berry’s solo venture following on from ‘Moroccan Roll’ and ‘Ricochet’.
Cascading jet streams, pulsing Subharmonics and a throbber of a bassline infuses the Original Mix.

Yuli Fershtat’s Perfect Stranger’s Remix offers a fluid alternative take with a melting pot of styles.

Released: 30th June 2014 on Platipus Records.

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Union Jack – Spasm

Union Jack – Spasm : Released 19th May 2014 on Platipus

1. Union Jack – Spasm – Original Mix
2. Union Jack – Spasm – Union Jack’s Beta Blocker Mix

Neuro-percussion floods the frontal lobes. Pulsing low frequency oscillations bounce from a backdrop of adrenal drones and involuntary pulses from the twitching Oberheim.  Outer-body chords float above the hospital bed. The choice is yours.

Now close the door. turn off the lights, and spark up the Beta Blocker Mix.  Syncopated neuro-percussion sweep the primary cortex. Dopamine tunnels channel the drones and the Oberheim delivers further involuntary muscle convulsions. Flickering outer-body chords float above the hospital bed once more. See the light.

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Art Of Trance ‘Ricochet’

Still on a roll, Art Of Trance producer Simon Berry unleashes his second production this year, this time going it alone.

Vocodered vocals float over a deep chugging tribal undercurrent. Heavily verbed hypnotic square-waves blast out unreservedly and syncopated flanged ricocheting percussion collide into the ether.

Kaukuta’s Terra Ferma Remix retains the pumping throbbing underbelly of the original whilst elevating matters skyward by unleashing vicious acidic barking 303’s.

After completing 13 remixes in the past few years Terra Ferma is now concentrating on finishing a new EP of original music to be released this year as well as working on two new separate collaborations with artists ‘Red.Tree’ and ‘Kevens’.

Released: 28th May 2014 on Platipus.

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