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Humans-7 copy
1. Art Of Trance ‘Humans’ (Original Mix)
2. Art Of Trance ‘Humans’ (Perfect Stranger Remix)

The third release in 2014 from Simon Berry’s solo venture following on from ‘Moroccan Roll’ and ‘Ricochet’.
Cascading jet streams, pulsing Subharmonics and a throbber of a bassline infuses the Original Mix.…

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Union Jack – Spasm

Union Jack – Spasm : Released 19th May 2014 on Platipus

1. Union Jack – Spasm – Original Mix
2. Union Jack – Spasm – Union Jack’s Beta Blocker Mix

Neuro-percussion floods the frontal lobes. Pulsing low frequency oscillations bounce from a backdrop of adrenal drones and involuntary pulses from the twitching Oberheim. …

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