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Platipus Archive 11

20 Remastered Classics featuring: Oliver Leib aka L.S.G / S.O.L., Union Jack, Dino Lenny aka Indiana, Chab, Van Bellem, Art Of Trance, Orkidea, Terra Ferma, POB, Moogwai, Oliver Klein, Steve Gibbs, I-Ching, Trigger, Catalyast, Greg Murray, Jane Kumada, Blu Peter, Healium​, Kansai and Clanger.

Released: 13 March 2017

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Art Of Trance ‘Curve Bender’

Art Of Trance​ ‘Curve Bender’ [Platipus Records​]

After recent success with ‘Firebird’ and ‘Ultrafoxx’, Art Of Trance returns once more with ‘Curve Bender’.

A Voluminous hoover-bass anchors proceedings with saturated morphing percussion and hypnotic shards of light.

Accompanied by a rather satisfying double-ended Barone-Bender remix doppleganger.

PLATMU95 Platipus Records
Global Release: 27/02/2017


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Art Of Trance ‘Firebird’

Art Of Trance – ‘Firebird’ (Platipus Records)

After recent success with ‘Ultrafoxx’ and ‘Before The Storm’, Simon Berry unleashes ‘Firebird’.

Remixes from Peter Dundov, Gai Barone and Jonno Brien.

PLATMU94 Platipus Records

Global Release: 21/11/2016

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Platipus Archive 10

20 Remastered Classics featuring: Dino Lenny, Glen Morrison, Airwave, Clanger, Richard Durand, Union Jack, Narcotik, Hemstock & Jennings, Chab, POB, Terra Ferma, Moogwai, Art Of Trance, Dawnseekers, Altitude, Granny, Mark Brogden and Classified Project.

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