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Terra Ferma is a project from the artist Kaukuta.

Under the name of Claudio, Kaukuta produced and developed some of the most musical and influential trance music of its time starting with Union jack in 1993, a band he formed with Platipus Records label founder and pioneer Simon Berry. Together they fused their styles and produced some truly unforgettable music that still stands the test of time today.

It all started with the ‘Two Full Moons and a Trout’/’Lollypop Man’ single in and continued with a series of high profile remixes which they sandwiched between writing their album ‘There will be no Armageddon’ released in 1995.

They toured as both The Platipus Sound System and as Union Jack through 2002 with a special reunion live show at Ultra X Miami in 2008.

Terra Ferma was born as a solo project in 1996 once The Union Jack album was complete as an avenue to further explore melody, sound and rhythm.

The epic ‘Floating’, a melodic groover that was way ahead of its time kicked off the first single, and this was contrasted by ‘The Scream’, a flip side that was gritty and intense, yet broke down into melodic techno bliss; Terra Ferma was born.

Terra Ferma eventually produced two albums: Turtle Crossing’ in 1997 and ‘The Adventures Of…’ in 2000 as well as some choice remixes – DJ Tomcraft – ‘Mind’ and The Gate – ‘Iron Eden’ come to mind.

By 2002 after 3 albums, countless remixes and a lot of touring around the world it was time for change. Kaukuta shut down Terra Ferma and decided to dive deeper into the structure of music itself and went on a quest to destroy every rule he had learnt. Under the name of Kuut he joined forces with long time contributor Saint from Brasil and they formed the band EXUS.

Here instead of writing what was expected they started Dimensional Sound, a style characterized by songs that change key, rhythm and sound several times during a track. Disconcerting to some, energizing to others.

After writing over 400 songs and releasing 13 albums in 2006, he decided to move into the medium of video which is still his main focus today.

During this time he wrote the soundtrack to three of his movies and countless other visual projects. To this day he writes to picture for most of his video and animation work.

At the start of 2011 Kaukuta saw that his friend Simon Berry had set up a remix competition for his latest single of ‘Art Of Trance’, ‘The Horn’.

A spark of curiosity meant that Kaukuta decided to enter the competition. What resulted was a return to a somewhat more familiar sound that his fans had not heard in a while. ‘Kaukuta’s remix of The Horn’ is a 10 minute journey of haunting melody, evolving rhythm and sounds intertwined with the original, yet firmly taking it into a new world.

“So the turtle is back?” everyone asks…
Kaukuta answers: “The turtle is still sleeping my friends. But it might just be time to wake it up.”

Kaukuta is currently remixing his own ‘Red Herring’ by Union Jack.

For more information you can go to: www.kaukuta.com
and connect on Facebook at: listn.to/kaukuta

• 1996 “Floating” / “Scream”
• 1997 “Lunar Sunrise” / “Visions”
• 1998 “Obelix” (Feat. I-Ching)
• 1999 “Don’t Be Afraid” / “Teeth Of The Jungle”
• 2000 “The Wolf” / “Keep Moving”

• 1997 “Turtle Crossing”
• 2000 “The Adventures Of…”

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