This ironically named outfit was created by futuristic, uplifting and contemporary Trance producers Laurence Elliot-Potter and Wilf Frost who originally collaborated as part of ‘Friends, Lovers & Family’ on the now legendary Rising High Records.

The launch of their first single, Plastic Gourd, gave them the platform on which to build a solid reputation, followed in 1997, by the Top 50 hit Now And Zen. Their reputation was confirmed in 1998, when they worked with the renowned Man With No Name on their Trance monster, The Sleeper.

Their debut 1998 album Shhhh was one one the best selling albums on Platipus Records.

More recently Quietman have been remixing and concentrating on their live, audiovisual stage show.

• 1994 “Plastic Gourd” / “Tranquil”
• 1997 “Now & Zen” / “Meditate””
• 1998 “Now & Zen” / “Celestial Body” (Remixes)
• 1998 “The Sleeper”

• 1998 “Shhhh”

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