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Chab was born in Beyrouth, grew up in Rome till 17 and is established since then in Geneva Switzerland. Starting in 1999 – as Moogwai – on Platipus Records, Chab became one of the finest producer in electronica-house, being requested to remix artists such as Depeche Mode, Gorillaz, Nelly Furtado, Röyksopp…etc


Signed on many including Platipus, Yoshitoshi, Saw Recordings, Azuli, MConvene, Stealth and his very own Imago, Chab did tons of club productions including the classic “Closer To me” with Jd Davis (of Guetta’s “the world is mine” fame), “Girlz”, “You and me”, “My Memory”..etc plus 2 more home-oriented albums “Dub Edits & Whisky-Coke” on Saw and “AEIOU” on Imago.


Includes Depeche Mode, Gorillaz, Nelly Furtado, Röyksopp, Murk… for EMI, Virgin, Mute…


Chab carries his laptop with Ableton Live in the finest clubs around the world including Womb Tokyo, Ageha Tokyo, Pacha Ibiza, Sonic Toronto, Echoes Rimini, La Rocca Belgium, Il Muretto Venice, LaMania Romania, Continental Mexico…

Moogwai Singles:
• 1999 “A Night Out” / “Moogwai”
• 2000 “Viola”
• 2000 “Keo”
• 2001 “The Labyrinth”
• 2003 “Neon”

Moogwai Albums:
• 2005 “5 Wishes & More”

Chab Singles:
• 2011 “Legoland”
• 2011 “Tunnelling”
• 2011 “Get High” (Feat JD Davis)
• 2011 “Lonely” (Feat JD Davis)
• 2011 “Matica”

Chab Albums:
• 2011 “Aeiou”

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